The 32-bit standalone build appears to require two libraries (lib32-libyaml and lib32-gsasl) that are not available on Arch Linux. See the comments on the AUR package. I'd appreciate it if you could bring back the 64-bit build.

done, based on they are managing with what I am providing. Also, Arch Linux has a proper build of git-annex from source, so I'm not going to worry about git-annex-bin, the rationalle for which I don't even understand. --Joey

Thanks for the heads up.

As far as I can see, the necessary libraries are included in the standalone build. So it should work when used as intended via runshell.

But that's not what the AUR is doing. It's binary editing (!!) the git-annex binary to use different library sonames, and taking the git-annex binary and dropping it unprotected into a system it was not built for to fend for itself. That strikes me as a technique that is unlikely to continue working, and one that I cannot commit to support.

I don't want to cause you Arch people unnecessary work, but building a 64 bit standalone build every time I release git-annex is unnecessary work on my part, as long as the 32 bit one works everywhere when used as designed. If someone has to do this 64 bit build, why not you? This would also avoid any further breakage, since you could build it against the actual library sonames it's going to be used with on Arch.

Comment by joey Sun Mar 3 21:32:39 2013