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Might be just my ignorance in how the world spins ;) But if I enclose the largefiles config option passed to annex within e.g. "" within cmdline while having additional '' in the value (e.g. -c "annex.largefiles='exclude=.txt'" ) annex fails (see below). I thought that those surrounding "s are stripped off by the shell while passing those into the actual command call (and my little python script somewhat confirms it, tried also with bash), but somehow it does affect annex, leading it to Parse failure: near "'exclude=.txt'". It resolves if surrounding 's are removed.

Could someone lead me out of this wilderness??

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see transcript below

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$> cat /tmp/

import sys

for arg in sys.argv:
  print "arg: %r" % arg

$> /tmp/ 'git-annex' 'add' '-c' "annex.largefiles='exclude=*.txt'" 'license3.txt'
arg: '/tmp/'
arg: 'git-annex'
arg: 'add'
arg: '-c'
arg: "annex.largefiles='exclude=*.txt'"
arg: 'license3.txt'

*$> 'git-annex' 'add' '-c' "annex.largefiles='exclude=*.txt'" 'license3.txt'
git-annex: bad annex.largefiles configuration: Parse failure: near "'exclude=*.txt'"

*$> 'git-annex' 'add' '-c' annex.largefiles='exclude=*.txt' 'license3.txt'
add license3.txt (non-large file; adding content to git repository) ok
(recording state in git...)

done per comment --Joey