Please describe the problem.

On one repos, I cannot run vicfg because git annex complain that

git-annex: /home/moi/Bibliothèque calibre/.git/annex/config.tmp: commitBuffer: invalid argument (invalid character) failed
git-annex: vicfg: 1 failed

Note that the assistant and the webapp seem to be working as it should, giving me the possibility to make most of the configuration I want.

The problem does exit on all the clone of the repos.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

I don't know if the "è" in the directory name is linked to this. It seem also that the description of one of the repository has been incorrect (something like "toubib: ~/Biblioth⯁⯁⯁que calibre/" where the three ⯁ replace one incorrectly encoded char that was, since then, changed.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

I'm using the more uptodate version that are in Debian sid:

$ git --version
git version 2.1.4
$ git annex version
git-annex version: 5.20141125
build flags: Assistant Webapp Webapp-secure Pairing Testsuite S3 WebDAV Inotify DBus DesktopNotify XMPP DNS Feeds Quvi TDFA CryptoHash
key/value backends: SHA256E SHA1E SHA512E SHA224E SHA384E SKEIN256E SKEIN512E SHA256 SHA1 SHA512 SHA224 SHA384 SKEIN256 SKEIN512 WORM URL
remote types: git gcrypt S3 bup directory rsync web webdav tahoe glacier ddar hook external
local repository version: 5
supported repository version: 5
upgrade supported from repository versions: 0 1 2 4

fixed --Joey