Please describe the problem.

git-annex importfeed fails to import some feed with the error createSymbolicLink: invalid argument (File name too long) in a case in which ln -s works. The item of the feed is not added, and the importing aborts at this entry.

This is a regression: some entries that trigger the problem where imported just fine three months ago.

This looks suspiciously like this bug.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

In a freshly git init-ed and git-annex init-ed repo:

$ git-annex importfeed --relaxed
(checking known urls...) importfeed 
/tmp/feed1907                      100%[================================================================>]  91,96K  31,4KB/s   en 2,9s   
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___La_guerra__un_recorrido_por_la_historia_de_la_peor_lacra_de_la_Humanidad___05_1215.mp3 ok
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___El_proceso_de_Burgos._El_juicio_contra_ETA_que_arrinconó_al_Franquismo___28_11_15.mp3 ok
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___Carmen_Martín_Gaite__la_escritura__como_afición_y_refugio___21_11_15.mp3 ok
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___El_crimen_del_Expreso_de_Andalucía___14_11_15.mp3 ok
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___La_Belle_Époque._La_Europa_que_bailaba_al_borde_del_abismo___07_11_15.mp3 ok
addurl Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___Cruz_Roja_Española._Siglo_y_medio_de_labor_humanitaria__de_los_heridos_de_guerra_a_los_excluidos_de_la_crisis___31_10_15.mp3 
git-annex: ../.git/annex/objects/F7/x3/URL--http& createSymbolicLink: invalid argument (File name too long)
(recording state in git...)
git-annex: importfeed: 1 failed

Just to make sure, I checked that the link can be created:

$ ln -s '../.git/annex/objects/F7/x3/URL--http&' Documentos_RNE/Documentos_RNE___Cruz_Roja_Española._Siglo_y_medio_de_labor_humanitaria__de_los_heridos_de_guerra_a_los_excluidos_de_la_crisis___31_10_15.mp3

I also checked in ghci that System.Posix.Files.createSymbolicLink succeeds in creating the same link. (But I didn’t compile git-annex myself, so I’m not sure that the version of the lib used in the debian package is the same as the one I checked; and I’m not sure whether git-annex uses exactly that function or another with the same name, by the way).

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

Debian amd64 unstable package 5.20151116-1. (I also tried version i386, with the same result).

Have you had any luck using git-annex before? (Sometimes we get tired of reading bug reports all day and a lil' positive end note does wonders)

That’s just a little hiccup in, up to now, various months of merry use! ;-)

fixed --Joey