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I did, and everything seems fine.
Comment by ghen1 Thu Dec 18 11:28:35 2014

This one should work:

$ md5sum photos2.tar.xz.gpg
df2b9bde3d1ad23d9f3c4247d2f5b21a  photos2.tar.xz.gpg
$ sha1sum photos2.tar.xz.gpg
cac6f8c07a1d95fb48e3d9aa0f4699a2c77c00d598  photos2.tar.xz.gpg
Comment by vho Thu Dec 18 10:27:07 2014

Having the lean view would be easy to implement either as an option you pass when mounting or something you can toggle by touching a file ($MNT/.config/lean/{on,off}).

Regarding fetching of files, how would you like it to behave? My previous one would return EBUSY while downloading a file and ENODATA if it wasn't available and couldn't be fetched. I could, for example, make unavailable files appear as normal files (containing text regarding the download state) until they are available, then they become symlinks. What would work best for you?

Comment by CandyAngel Thu Dec 18 09:26:17 2014
It seems the upload failed at some point. I am going to share it somewhere else
Comment by vho Thu Dec 18 09:18:14 2014
git show 7dc2be23ddb9bda2edc0f01d4bbec2fdb5216763 seems quite abnormal.
Comment by vho Thu Dec 18 00:46:09 2014


I have uploaded the repository to:

You can decrypt it with your gpg key. It weights 200 Mo.

Moreover when I try to run git annex whereis on files present only on the defective annex from another annex I get the following error:

$ git annex whereis IMG_4701.JPG
whereis IMG_4701.JPG (0 copies) failed
git-annex: whereis: 1 failed

I guess the defective annex could not completely synchronize with the others.

I also tried to look at the git tree with gitk --all. Well there seems to be a lot of commit with message update (recovery from race) I am forced to kill gitk because it starts lagging a lot.

Hopefully you will be able to provide me some hints on how to resolve this issue.

Best regards


Comment by vho Thu Dec 18 00:43:22 2014

what could I say to a "much better one" offer, besides "GO AHEAD" and "Thank you in advance"! :)

I wonder though what joey thinks about possible utility of a basic fuse wrapper for annex, and possibly shipping it along?

My primary use-case would be primarily oriented for testing, e.g. if I would like to run a (sub)collection of tests (e.g. on travis) which rely on having some data from annex available, now I would need either provide some project/language specific wrapping which would check if file is available or not and then fetch it. With FUSE I thought I could just do that transparently without requiring any per-project coding/setup. Similar use-case would be analysis of some large datasets, once again, without requiring pre-fetching them in entirety and/or piece-by-piece fetching. Another possible additional usecase/mode could also be -- expose only available files under FUSE. If easy to "trigger" it would help to provide that "lean" view I was blurbing about ( although it would be quite a suboptimal workaround (since if directory is heavily loaded with broken links, it would take a while for FUSE handler to first traverse the tree anyways)

Comment by Yaroslav Tue Dec 16 20:42:28 2014

@Yaroslav: I made one of these while I was messing with FUSE but found I didn't use it much.

If I can find it, I'll post it somewhere or if you really want it, I can just write a (much) better one!

Comment by CandyAngel Tue Dec 16 16:56:05 2014
sharebox seems aiming to achieve what assistant is aiming for (synchronization). In my usecase I wondered if there is a simple(r) FUSE wrapper for git-annex which would just 'annex get' any file which is requested (for reading).
Comment by Yaroslav Tue Dec 16 16:34:06 2014
Do you have any recommendations for the overall haskell architecture of the project? Where to start looking if I want to read through the source code?
Comment by thnetos Mon Dec 15 22:04:06 2014