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1) When I have a branch "some/branch/name" containing slashes in its name, git-annex sync strips everything up to the last slash and creates "synced/name", which may clash with "some/other/name". Is there a workaround?

2) Could the "don't use synced branches" behavior referred in the comments above somehow be configured on the repository side so that everyone cloning it doesn't need to configure it for himself?

Comment by kartynnik Mon Aug 29 17:30:44 2016

This may be useful for providing an in-product solution to this problem.

Comment by adamboche Fri Aug 26 23:32:46 2016
Nobody having any clue on that?
Comment by Horus Fri Aug 26 08:32:05 2016
As of 2016-08-24 there is not standalone tarball for 6.20160808. The "current" tarball points to 6.20160720-g9f0428e.
Comment by Gioele Wed Aug 24 17:13:04 2016
Pretty sure that's not a file with a question mark (0x3f) in it, that's a file with a carriage return (0x0d) in it. In which case see also git annex import fails on filenames with newlines in them.
Comment by Anthony DeRobertis Wed Aug 24 10:53:05 2016

Didn't catch this from the docs above:

"Notice that, since annexed files are represented by symlinks, the symlink will break when the file is moved into a subdirectory. But, git-annex will fix this up for you when you commit -- it has a pre-commit hook that watches for and corrects broken symlinks."

Comment by dusty Tue Aug 23 21:53:05 2016

Hey Joey,

Just wondering how we rename/move files around into different directories within a repository without breaking the symbolic links. If we move to a different directory and the depth is different than where the files were originally in the repo then the symbolic link is broken.


Comment by dusty Tue Aug 23 21:48:59 2016

I'm having hard time supporting the following use case with git-annex:

  • using git annex so that "git annex sync --content" import in batch pictures from a camera SD card
  • destination of the import is a "pictures/INCOMING" subdir of a larger "multimedia archive" annex
  • I do not want to have all the other folders of the annex (parent and siblings of pictures/INCOMING) present on the SD card

I wonder if adjusted branches might be a solution to this. Do I get it right that "unlocked" is currently the only supported kind of adjustment?

If so, I'm not sure what would be needed to make the above use case feasible. At first sight though, commits int the adjusted branch that "mounts" pictures/INCOMING/ are conceptually easy to translate to the main branch: the changes would be the same, only they'll have to be applied in a specific subtree. They won't merge cleanly though.

Is this an interesting/worthwhile use case for adjusted branches, or am I looking into the wrong part of git-annex design?

Thanks for this amazing tool!

Comment by zack Mon Aug 22 14:19:57 2016

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the errors that git fsck is giving you, so I should defer to someone who knows more. I don't want to tell you something that makes the problem worse :)

If repairing doesn't work, one other thing you could try is cloning the repository that's giving you trouble, and using git annex to move the data into the new clone. This won't modify your original (defective) repository.

git clone /path/to/repository /path/to/newClone
cd /path/to/newClone
git annex get --all

If you have files in your original repository that the assistant hasn't committed yet, they won't be in the new clone. So you should look around in /path/to/newClone to see if everything is there. You can run

cd /path/to/repository
git status

to see any files that have not yet been committed in the defective repository, and copy them over manually.

Good luck! Hope you get it working.

Comment by jd.schroeder Sat Aug 20 16:17:07 2016

Thanks you so much for the suggestions! I tried running git annex fsck which yielded no errors and also ran git fsck which gave the following output:

error in tree 317eed096daa6d5efde4621ea57b698e17a44827: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
error in tree 5d03ab540eb58fef3cba9466d0f404a2f487acbe: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
error in tree 8001d121ff90053597e56ee6b9e4dd7d36e5ff25: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
error in tree 9eea5dcfc9d0ab387165b91e11ecf6433d501e88: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
error in tree c7c1bbde3d9479cbb44a5adbe763e9a90577fcbd: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
error in tree f7544950f810acacb43647719ab77427dced34da: duplicateEntries: contains duplicate file entries
Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
Checking connectivity: 403770, done.
dangling blob 0a37708d72fe5cfeb0421372874557c45be3bed5
dangling blob 7c6e000baabaa9a3b451bc4a058c8a1743598a4b
dangling tree 8001d121ff90053597e56ee6b9e4dd7d36e5ff25
dangling blob 7c76f1e9b6c2bc2189d11db526d4d615bfbda98a
dangling blob f69212b0c58b43e5d935cfc39fdf6b1751cb5286
dangling blob 3ddcb33a4a10db7a7c5f7baba730515758b47552
dangling blob 9feae3d7a5786071826d0ec92289178c2fbbf915
dangling blob 683f54561577372de1083e231e25eede7a978a2a
dangling blob ffd8254bc8d78f4dfa180b7b3846bd9af7ad4e0a
dangling blob 20e2b593b9d93cb3b9f39fd9e22dcbe3427cc369
dangling blob 500da653dfcb37895e64be4959155e03d352fcbb
dangling blob d61e26a6e41c547ad135ef6b58f64bd00ad0b31f
dangling blob 38a9462b54afe85ee24e01b0c4d0fbd75eb5a240
dangling blob 39b6962714399c604a65b350a21795e00e44b4f5
dangling blob 71f3b6ca386913456a7de6a31b56729d6f8c36c9
dangling blob dde4a7fea11398020fed287c4d31780909580e5d
dangling blob 943b98bbee781a7c68befd37700ab8503a17503c
dangling blob dc99f8b37db7bdc361c6d7973ab863674b2c59b3
dangling blob 83b7388589b510388e4c08e2963ec10f21355e63
dangling blob 63c1e85eedc424c297e5f36f6bc705982471fdce
dangling blob 11d9d8a2c45f4d8b0479513e2f65352cfd0863d0
dangling blob 9ce519f47e5a7dd8c923fcb55693a22d82e21779
dangling blob c1ea698236b21eede67d01a8dd52c877962d1845
dangling blob 24f6096646c9df777f2a81f40bbdef456f0e754d
dangling blob a4fb09b357878b1cf31cd2151eb9d0fab2f0b452
dangling blob ff0dda6cd8a6f882fdf81717519b1abb2c347a3e
dangling blob a0500a7a450c487a3deeba9915c8f0a88f91b538
dangling blob 31542a921878a024ec2dbe5815f58da6b6b33e2c
dangling blob 6b6c6a8eb15fbab7f878396d0f084faa22c73382
dangling tree 5d03ab540eb58fef3cba9466d0f404a2f487acbe
dangling blob 87319bda4de4424f60e384fe5c3c14c2ce399d10
dangling blob d8360b3ffc67ccb1478a797370cbb2112589e13a
dangling blob 90e18b4beb5e5aedefdab98b57ccf636fb77e046
dangling blob 06e24bc228ae12504a2bcbe9d3d24f263ba0a209
dangling blob d2eb8b104d2c002ded4ec76e440dee88f5174a39
dangling blob e7addc9b07f4938d5871eb67278f64c1d15b2cb4
dangling blob ff02ddf430604f4a60e3bc7b70804ff1f539dedb
dangling blob 8c04bdb8cef6265ccde6b7491a57f3869c7d6b23
dangling blob 8d83dd50a078efda7b60de1900736fbd77a2c5a6
dangling tree 9eea5dcfc9d0ab387165b91e11ecf6433d501e88
dangling blob 2011ce2b12529ec512b5c6b75bb6acdf3cbc5e82
dangling blob 8d6d6e3ea481ddc9eb697c7e4c61479b212157c6
dangling blob 68f62e8d6902b0de28c6f28899be73c6864d58e2
dangling blob 97f77e273d92ebc908cfcc3b81dbbc28d10ae090
dangling blob be24efa8af600f0ac331872e0769b18aa36a17c8
dangling blob cd257f99eef789d2ce8f7f78d2e80c99311bf8b5
dangling blob 4e973f9d9b9900d01f2d1f1815609e80b1fcf4a5

I'm now running git annex repair through the command line and hoping for the best. I'm sure this will run for a while. The output so far is just Running git fsck ... but I can see it's doing something since the terminal application in osx shows what commands it's currently running in the header of the window itself. I'm hoping this repair will finnish until tomorrow morning because I have a flight coming up at 8. Let's see.

Comment by openmedi Sat Aug 20 14:59:17 2016