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This works fairly well for me on Raspian. However I am getting the same error as Justin.

ERROR: object '/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/' from /etc/ cannot be preloaded: ignored.

I'm ignoring the errors for now, but it's a lot of noise that actually makes it slightly difficult to see the important output.

Comment by Randy Wed Apr 16 10:59:10 2014
If I revoke old AWS credentials and create new ones, how would I inform git-annex of the change to AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY?
Comment by annexuser Tue Apr 15 21:59:43 2014

Thank you, that's a good point!

Does this also mean that a repository in git(-annex) is "all or nothing"?

For example, I cannot share/clone parts of it? Or define access rights within a repository?

With SVN for example, I have a big repository "university" and it contains all stuff of projects/research. Each individual directory is only shared with the persons whom I worked together in this particular project. In short: In git, this should not be that way, right?

Comment by divB Tue Apr 15 18:23:13 2014

git-annex's metadata and views made me stop hopping between programs (digikam, tagsistant etc.) to organise my photos (I had even just started working on my own FUSE tagging filesystem which was effectively going to be tagsistant, but with a git-annex'y backend).

As usual, my method is probably a little odd :)

Photos are 'git import'ed into a $(uuidgen) directory (so no worries about filename collisions) and tagged with media=Photograph and tag=untagged. Then I go through them and add relevant tags (one of which is "xbmc", no prizes for guessing how that works with the views :]) and move them into a more appropriate directory structure, using gqview and its "sort manager". This is really nice and fast, due to it only copying/moving symlinks!

One thing I'm considering doing it putting a shim between git-annex and gqview, so that it generates entries in the sort manager which are appropriate for the current view. So, for example, if the view is location=*, the sort manager would have:


While it wouldn't get updated if I create new tags (by creating directories in the view), it would save a lot of time creating them every time the view changes.

Comment by Xyem Tue Apr 15 14:25:04 2014

it's pretty awesome to have 1TB of free storage like that out there... but for storing photos, it could be improved - I filed a few bugs on the github repo here:


Comment by anarcat [] Tue Apr 15 04:47:17 2014

Unfortunately, no, I tried this and many other variants, (I tried again just now, to be sure, and I still get the "git-annex: Not in a git repository." message.

Thanks for trying to help. It is very much appreciated.

Comment by Michel Mon Apr 14 22:45:23 2014


git annex webapp

should launch the web app.

Comment by Hamza Mon Apr 14 15:35:17 2014
In my setup I have one repository for each category (photos documents videos) it is faster then single giant repository plus it makes sharing with other people easier since you can let people clone one category at a time.
Comment by Hamza Mon Apr 14 15:32:34 2014
Using direct mode would replace symlinks with actual files.
Comment by Hamza Mon Apr 14 15:27:48 2014

@joeyh: This must be a misunderstanding of what I want. I use version 5.20140320. I can't find a workflow where "git annex merge" changes my master branch, it only updates the git-annex branch.

Thinking again of it after some time, I am basically fine with "git annex sync". The only thing I am uncomfortable with is that the automatic merge is pushed without review.

Comment by Matthias Sun Apr 13 17:48:19 2014