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Okay, I'll need to go through it first and remove all the snide comments to myself though :P

I'll throw up a HTML version up in a temporary place, if Joey approves, I'll ask if there is a namespace on CPAN that I can use as a more permanent home (or Joey can do it if he'd prefer control over it, I don't mind).

Comment by CandyAngel Wed Feb 10 12:49:18 2016

Dear anarcat, I totally understand your use case since I often get into situations like that. I think that, by design (content addressable storage etc.), git-annex is not at all suited to fulfill this use case.

I managed to use a combination of a fuse mount and unison to reach that use case.

I create a fuse view of the git annex working copy with pyfs ( via a command line like : fsmount -f -a file:///my_git_annex_working_copy my_share_directory

Generally, I share the fuse mount over samba, ftp and http.

In order to synchronize with a distant directory (the use case you mentioned), I use another fuse mount and unison to sync both.

Generally, I share the content on a remote samba server, using: 'smbnetfs ~/Network' and then 'unison my_share_directory ~/Network/PathToTheRemote'

In the case of a s3 drive, I don't know the details since I never went there, but you could try: 'fsmount -f -a s3:///my_s3_remote my_s3_directory', then 'unison my_share_directory my_s3_directory'

You may think that all those mounts are difficult to manage. As a matter of fact, I use supervisord ( that helps making sure that everything is running OK. I have been using that setup for a few years now, without trouble.

I hope that I could help.

Comment by konubinix Wed Feb 10 09:12:52 2016
Just tested successfully (initremote, copy --to, get) in the daily linux autobuild. Fantastic, thank you so much, and thank you for all your work on git-annex!
Comment by magibney Tue Feb 9 21:51:17 2016

Sure, I've added that as requeststyle=path. I have not tested it, so once you get an updated build let me know if it works.

(Should be available in the daily linux autobuilds within about an hour.)

Comment by joey Tue Feb 9 19:35:10 2016

Use what filename? A key can have any number of associated filenames in one or several git branches. The filenames can change at any time.

AFAICS, this is a "pony" request. It seems like a good idea, but doesn't really work when you look at the details.

Comment by joey Tue Feb 9 16:37:11 2016

sorry looks like i hadd a litle mixup, the full magnet link that i used when checking btshowmetainfo was


Using this one with aria2c --bt-save-metadata results in a torrent file with the announce-list entry only. Modifying the link to only contain one tracker url still results in an announce-list with a single entry.

There also is a separate torrent file on the arch website that has the announce field set correctly.

They hide the actuall .torrent file though so addurl doesn't trigger the torrent parsing with led me to try the magnet link to begin with.

Anyway, looks like aria2c is at fault because it doesn't generate standard compliant .torrent files from magnet links.

Comment by annuges Tue Feb 9 13:49:42 2016

So I tried again (I got read-write access to the top level of the directory I want to share, so creating a .git was straightforward), and I had two things get in my way. I have a lot of relatively large files (~10,000), so I decided to use the WORM backend rather than waiting for the SHA to complete. Even so, adding everything was slow-going.

Since the most interesting feature of git-annex is queueing up downloads to sync on LAN, is there a way to add the files especially quickly by sacrificing some more safety? Essentially, I want to use git-annex as a glorified file server, letting my laptop do all the interesting work.

Second, when I Ctrl-C during git annex add, progress is not preserved in a direct-mode repository, so the add needs to start all over again.

Comment by rpglover64 Mon Feb 8 20:44:11 2016
well, publish those notes somewhere! it's always good to share!
Comment by anarcat Mon Feb 8 19:12:30 2016

announce-list comes from BEP-0012. Reading that spec, the torrent file is supposed to still have the announce field, although its contents are supposed to be ignored by clients that support announce-list.

When I download that torrent, it doesn't seem to have an announce-list either. No announce and no announce-list? It's possible that aria2c, which I used to download it like git-annex does, doesn't know about announce-list and left it out when saving the torrent file. Maybe it left out announce too? Do you have a non-magnet url for this torrent file?

I'll make the haskell torrent library support parsing announce-list once is fixed.

Comment by joey Mon Feb 8 18:53:00 2016

Yeah, it was running git annex init in the subdir of the submodule that triggered the bug. Easy fix, also fixes init in submodules of submodules.

Comment by joey Mon Feb 8 18:27:32 2016