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I feel stupid for not thinking of that. Thank you.
Comment by ghen1 Sun Mar 29 23:14:00 2015
Have a look at all your remotes, you can reference the same repo with more than one remote name.
Comment by Mica Sun Mar 29 20:39:00 2015
By all means, take a break Joey!
Comment by Mica Sun Mar 29 20:37:16 2015
During a large import, I observed the above repeatedly, not only on ignored names. When I ctrl-c and restart import, it picks up again apparently without issues.
Comment by Jean Sun Mar 29 15:24:03 2015

Here's the log right from the first start up after creating a repo, and also the warning I get when I open the webapp:

[2015-03-29 10:18:01 JST] main: starting assistant version 5.20150327-ge414f2d [2015-03-29 10:18:01 JST] Cronner: You should enable consistency checking to protect your data. (scanning...)

[2015-03-29 10:18:02 JST] Watcher: Performing startup scan (started...)

Detected a filesystem without fifo support.

Disabling ssh connection caching.

Detected a crippled filesystem. (recording state in git...) error: cannot run git-upload-pack '/storage/extSdCard/annex-sync': No such file or directory fatal: unable to fork

Each time I start the webapp, I get this warning:

Transfer scanner crashed: /storage/sdcard0/annex/.git/index: copyFile does not exist (No such file or directory)

Comment by John Sun Mar 29 02:30:36 2015
I would be very glad if you would release it!
Comment by markusk Sat Mar 28 22:41:45 2015
Im on the LG F60 (ms395) not rooted. I downloaded a cracked.apk of KBOX and it kept failing to start due to not having Busybox in its file path. So I got the Busybox .apk and copied it into KBOX's path. Now k box is stoped at 'In mgmain JNI_OnLoad'. As soon as I try to ENTER anything, it force closes. Also, I'm not sure if it's related, but my phone is not and does not get recognized by my car stereo via usb. I managed to get around not having permission to look at the 'usbautorun.iso' file. No luck though, it's coded. Any ideas?
Comment by Cameron Sat Mar 28 22:17:08 2015
I'd take a look. I just downloaded ncdu prompted by your comment, and that would be helpful to get sane output regarding my annexed files.
Comment by andy Sat Mar 28 22:03:53 2015
No, there is no adequate package. Maybe it has been removed..
Comment by saneP Sat Mar 28 14:05:17 2015

Is there a special remote implementation for Amazon Cloud Drive?

It's just became unlimited for a fair price: $60/year ( ).

Comment by Bence Sat Mar 28 10:35:47 2015