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dropbear designed to be simple ssh client, it has many support tough.

Comment by debryd Tue Oct 21 01:39:10 2014

Okay, where do I get the newest build? I cannot find a link to a packaged file at

I'd rather not build it from master myself, as all the Haskell dependencies are not well supported on Arch linux. Thats why I switched from the git-annex package to the git-annex-bin package in AUR in the first place.

Comment by Benjamin Mon Oct 20 22:39:25 2014
alright, i documented those issues more distinctively in the summary. hopefully that will clear things up a little. i still need to do some work to reproduce two of those issues, maybe a lot of this is related to the upgrade problem mentionned in annex get fails from read-only filesystem.
Comment by anarcat [] Mon Oct 20 20:04:09 2014

Since you are using gpg encryption, your repository may have insecure embedded creds. Strongly suggest you check if it does.

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 19:09:28 2014

Wow, the code seems to neglect to actually set up a pipe from glacier-cli's stdout. It seems this broke quite a while ago, in fb19d56476bb6eb5aa4d794a10199adb267d5870 and nobody noticed.

I have committed what should be a fix, but it's pretty hard for me to test this. Can you please either test the current daily autobuild for linux amd64 (should be ready about 15 minutes after I post this comment), or build git-annex from master and test?

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 18:54:43 2014
git annex drop --auto --from server
Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 18:53:31 2014

Right. In the meantime, I've fixed the behavior of vicfg when deleting lines, so it resets them to the default automatically.

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 15:40:38 2014

Well, are there any files in your repository (outside .git) that are still symlinks to content in .git? If not, you know that every file in the repository's working tree has been unannexed ok.

The remaining files in .git/annex/objects are not unused, so some branch or tag must refer to those files.

You might try running git log --stat -S'KEY' where KEY is the basename name of one of the files in .git/annex/objects. This will find commits to the repo that refer to that object, so you'll know where it was used and what filename corresponded to it.

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 15:33:02 2014

If you use git annex sync --content, it will do a full sync, including uploading any necessary files to the transfer repo, downloading any files that are on the transfer repo, and dropping files from the transfer repo once they've been transferred to the client repos.

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 15:29:41 2014

Adding the files will take as long as it takes to read and hash the conents of those files from disk. If that's too slow, --backend=WORM will bypass the hashing, so it will take seconds.

Time required to sync files depends on the bandwidth to wherever it's syncing with, obviously.

Comment by joey Mon Oct 20 15:28:01 2014