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To install git-annex next to 64bit git on Windows:

Start cmd.exe with administrator privileges and run mklink /J "C:\Program Files (x86)\Git" "C:\Program Files\Git" to add a sym-link. Install git-annex.

Comment by eren.m.dursun Sun Nov 29 19:24:03 2015
At present it's possible to check (small) files directly into a git branch alongside annexed files. To do this one uses git add rather than git annex add. But if git add would add files via the smudge/clean process, how would one check files directly into git? Would it no longer be possible?
Comment by spwhitton Thu Nov 26 01:34:17 2015


I tried your solution but git annex whereis displays the remotes and the uuid of the remotes and not the URI of the file on tahoe. Example in plain text file name is "hello.txt" containing some data and the URI for it in plain text on tahoe is "URI:CHK:wvyj4ah75mh77oehnwv236jogi:a2d4nx7c7jtyllfle573fgkdvfykci2o2glzknv54vhyo23qb2ya:1:1:110".

So i intend to find how and where is the plain text URI of the file stored ? Is it stored in some encrypted form? Where/how can i retrieve the plaintext URI.

Also Question 2) You mentioned about git annex branch. Where is the git annex branch? where is the state log?

Comment by vvghadge Thu Nov 26 00:35:11 2015

Sure, it would be great to have a special remote supporting the git-lfs storage backend. This would let git-annex repos be uploaded to github along with the annexed files, which is a nice diversity to have in addition to gitlab's support for git-annex.

The API is documented, so it's certianly doable, as an external special remote even.

Comment by joey Tue Nov 24 14:22:37 2015
Hmm, my tag push must have failed at release time. Re-pushed that tag.
Comment by joey Tue Nov 24 14:21:27 2015

that would be pretty awesome! thanks so much for looking into what others are doing: it takes great maturity and respect for others, something that is so often missing online...

i hope this can solve a bunch of WTF issues i've had with direct mode, which already improved by leaps and bounds, mind you. :)

speaking of which - would it make sense for git-annex to support lfs remotes out of the box? or is considered builtin to git (ie. if you install git-lfs, you can already have a hybrid lfs/annex repo?)

Comment by anarcat [] Tue Nov 24 01:07:32 2015

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Comment by jckuester Sun Nov 22 15:38:57 2015
I've been having the same problem on windows direct repository and now that I think about it, it could have started after daylight savings time (I also had the windows ssh upgrade problems that took a few days to figure out around the same time). No matter what I do I can't get it to stop showing up as modified in the status view. I've tried sync, sync --content, adding them again, etc. My status output is getting huge as everything I've added on windows is showing up there as modified now. I'm not sure if it's affecting the performance of status or sync (status is just generally very slow on windows direct repos with increasing number of files).
Comment by neocryptek Sat Nov 21 17:52:26 2015
Joey, I couldn't find a tag for this in the repo. It appears to be 76139a93.
Comment by jtgeibel Sat Nov 21 00:38:13 2015

A remote has 200MB of file contents in .git/annex.

A local repo issues a git annex drop --from=myremote.

The remote .git/annex still has 200MB of file contents.

Sometimes it works. I'm guessing it has to do with the order of commands issued.

Comment by jhannwong Fri Nov 20 13:32:11 2015