Currently, git-annex takes a very lazy approch to displaying progress into. It just lets rsync or whatever display the progress for it, in the terminal.

Something better is needed for the webapp. There needs to be a way for the web app to know what the current progress is of all transfers.

This is one of those potentially hidden but time consuming problems.


  • Watch temp file as it's coming in and use its size. Can either poll every .5 seconds or so to check file size, or could use inotify. done
  • When easily available, remotes call the MeterUpdate callback as downloads progress. done
  • S3: TODO
    While it has a download progress bar, getObject probably buffers the whole download in memory before returning. Leaving the progress bar to only display progress for writing the file out of memory. Fixing this would involve making hS3 stream better (also avoids it wasting memory).


Each individual remote type needs to implement its own support for calling the MeterUpdate callback as the upload progresses.

  • git: done
  • rsync: done
  • directory: done
  • web: Not applicable; does not upload
  • webdav: done
  • S3: done
  • glacier: done
  • bup: done
  • hook: Would require the hook interface to somehow do this, which seems too complicated. So skipping.


It may be worth using a better communication channel than files on disk for the transfer progress. Shared memory could be used, or http posts to the webapp.