git-annex has been using MissingH's absNormPath forever, but that's not very maintained and doesn't work on Windows. I've been wanting to get rid of it for some time, and finally did today, writing a simplifyPath that does the things git-annex needs and will work with all the Windows filename craziness, and takes advantage of the more modern System.FilePath to be quite a simple peice of code. A QuickCheck test found no important divergences from absNormPath. A good first step to making git-annex not depend on MissingH at all.

That fixed one last Windows bug that was disabled in the test suite: git annex add ..\subdir\file will now work.

I am re-installing the Android autobuilder for 2 reasons: I noticed I had accidentally lost a patch to make a library use the Android SSL cert directory, and also a new version of GHC is very near to release and so it makes sense to update.

Down to 38 messages in the backlog.