git-annex 6.20171018 released with these changes

  • add: Replace work tree file atomically on systems supporting hard links. Avoids a window where interrupting an add could result in the file being moved into the annex, with no symlink yet created.
  • webdav: Avoid unncessisarily creating the collection at the top of the repository when storing files there, since that collection is created by initremote. (This seems to work around some brokenness of the webdav server, which caused uploads to be very slow or sometimes fail.)
  • webdav: Make --debug show all webdav operations.
  • get -J/move -J/copy -J/mirror -J/sync -J: Avoid "transfer already in progress" errors when two files use the same key.
  • Konqueror desktop file location changed to one used by plasma 5. Thanks, FĂ©lix Sipma.
  • Avoid repeated checking that files passed on the command line exist.
  • Fix build with aws-0.17.
  • stack.yaml: Update to lts-9.9.