git-annex 6.20180112 released with these changes

  • Added inprogress command for accessing files as they are being downloaded.
  • Fix bug introduced in version 6.20171018 that caused some commands to print out "ok" twice after processing a file.
  • addurl: When the file youtube-dl will download is already an annexed file, don't download it again and fail to overwrite it, instead just do nothing, like it used to when quvi was used.
  • addurl: Fix encoding of filename queried from youtube-dl when in --fast mode.
  • Fix several places where files in .git/annex/ were written with modes that did not take the core.sharedRepository config into account.
  • Improve startup time for commands that do not operate on remotes, and for tab completion, by not unnessessarily statting paths to remotes, which used to cause eg, spin-up of removable drives.
  • Added remote.<name>.annex-checkuuid config, which can be set to false to disable the default checking of the uuid of remotes that point to directories. This can be useful to avoid unncessary drive spin-ups and automounting.
  • git-annex.cabal: Add back custom-setup stanza, so cabal new-build works.
  • git-annex.cabal: Removed the testsuite build flag; test suite is always included.