git merge has recently been made to refuse to merge disconnected histories unless --allow-unrelated-histories is passed. This will break uses of the webapp, eg local pairing until git-annex is changed to pass that whenever it runs git merge.

It could also perhaps break uses of git annex sync where a remote with a disconnected history is added and it's expected to merge with it. Although in this latter case, it might be argued that the default git behavior has changed and git annex sync should follow suite.

(Also, any uses of git pull currently would need to be split into a fetch and a merge in order to pass the option to the merge; but AFAICS, git-annex never uses git pull)


done; used the environment variable GIT_MERGE_ALLOW_UNRELATED_HISTORIES which will hopefully land in git next (currently Junio has posted a patch but not even landed it in pu yet) --Joey