The stats produced by git annex info . are nice but I often find myself separately looking up the actual numcopies set value. Can this also be included in the report please?

There is not necessarily one single numcopies setting; gitattributes can configure different numcopies for different files.

The numcopies stats in the report are reported as plus or minus relative to the numcopies setting. Using a relative number like that, it can eliminate the complexity of which files have which numcompies setting.

numcopies stats: 
    numcopies +0: 27
    numcopies +1: 43
    numcopies +2: 1

What could be added is a summary of the absolute number of copies that exist of files, without taking the numcopies configuration into account.

absolute number of copies:
    1 copy: 47
    2 copies: 23
    3 copies: 1

It turns out you can already get this display though! Just use git annex info . --numcopies=0.

numcopies stats: 
    numcopies +1: 47
    numcopies +2: 23
    numcopies +3: 1

So, in this mode, it's showing the number of copies that exist of files, relative to numcopies, which is forced to be 0. So, there are 47 files with 1 copy, 23 with 2 copies, and 1 with 3 copies.

I think I've convinced myself no changes need to be made! done --Joey