Test output on OS X. Btw, the previous version works:

``` OK (4.87s) map: OK (0.33s) uninit: Deleted branch git-annex (was 9a28b38). OK (0.38s) uninit (in git-annex branch): Switched to branch 'git-annex' OK (0.26s) upgrade: OK (0.21s) whereis: OK (0.61s) hook remote: OK (0.91s) directory remote: OK (0.85s) rsync remote: OK (1.40s) bup remote: Reinitialized existing Git repository in /private/var/folders/4j/br7bdhjx4b384_snb2087gt00000gn/T/nix-build-git-annex-5.20151116.drv-0/.bup/ Initialized empty Git repository in /private/var/folders/4j/br7bdhjx4b384_snb2087gt00000gn/T/nix-build-git-annex-5.20151116.drv-0/git-annex-5.20151116/.t/tmprepo0/dir/ content cannot be completely removed from bup remote OK (2.62s) crypto: OK (4.16s) preferred content: OK (1.97s) add subdirs: Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy. conflictor.variant-cc12 | 1 + conflictor/subfile | 1 + 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+) create mode 120000 conflictor.variant-cc12 create mode 120000 conflictor/subfile To /private/var/folders/4j/br7bdhjx4b384_snb2087gt00000gn/T/nix-build-git-annex-5.20151116.drv-0/git-annex-5.20151116/.t/repo e4d3d14..60148c4 git-annex -> synced/git-annex efda76d..f76baae master -> synced/master OK (0.55s) addurl: git-annex: .git/annex/objects/2Q/J8/SHA256E-s3--2c26b46b68ffc68ff99b453c1d30413413422d706483bfa0f98a5e886266e7ae/SHA256E-s3--2c26b46b68ffc68ff99b453c1d30413413422d706483bfa0f98a5e886266e7ae: createSymbolicLink: invalid argument (File name too long) FAIL (0.29s) addurl failed on file:///private/var/folders/4j/br7bdhjx4b384_snb2087gt00000gn/T/nix-build-git-annex-5.20151116.drv-0/git-annex-5.20151116/.t/tmprepo0/myurl

2 out of 150 tests failed (126.13s) (This could be due to a bug in git-annex, or an incompatibility with utilities, such as git, installed on this system.) ```

fixed --Joey