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Got the report in the past days that failed to build across all platforms. Looked today:

[274 of 679] Compiling CmdLine.Usage    ( CmdLine/Usage.hs, dist/build/git-annex/git-annex-tmp/CmdLine/Usage.o )

CmdLine/Usage.hs:63:1: error:
    Duplicate type signatures for `paramRemote'
    at CmdLine/Usage.hs:61:1-11
63 | paramRemote :: String
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^

CmdLine/Usage.hs:64:1: error:
    Multiple declarations of `paramRemote'
    Declared at: CmdLine/Usage.hs:62:1
64 | paramRemote = "REPOSITORY"
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^

on Debian, didn't check if other systems are anyhow different, will bounce report with pointers just in case.

fixed --Joey