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I'm seeing some inconsistent results between runs of git annex fsck and git annex whereis that I'm not able to explain. When I run git annex fsck, it reports a few keys that only have 1 copy, and advises me to make more copies. If I run git annex whereis --key <key>, git annex confirms that it only knows about 1 copy of this key. If I then use git log --stat -S'<key>' to find the actual file that it refers to, and run git annex whereis <file>, git annex report 9 copies of this file. Checking on remotes shows that these files do exist on the remote, so why does git annex fsck and git annex whereis mis-report the number of copies when querying for the key - but not for the actual filename? Additionally, git annex find --lackingcopies 1 doesn't return any results, but should if there are actually files with not enough copies?

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5.20151208-1build1 on Ubuntu Xenial, one remote running 5.20141024~bpo70+1 on Debian Wheezy

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[william@hactar ~/Pictures/Photo Library]$ git annex whereis SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9
git-annex: SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9 not found
git-annex: whereis: 1 failed
[william@hactar ~/Pictures/Photo Library]$ git annex whereis --key SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9
whereis SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9 (1 copy) 
        7691934f-2542-4103-9122-2db4e6cfc887 -- hactar [here]
[william@hactar ~/Pictures/Photo Library]$ git annex fsck --key SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9
fsck SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9 
  Only 1 of 3 trustworthy copies exist of SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9
  Back it up with git-annex copy.
(recording state in git...)
git-annex: fsck: 1 failed
[william@hactar ~/Pictures/Photo Library]$ git log --stat -S'SHA256E-s1071765--dbaa7f32ee44c28d6a1f0c8095e8dfd8b4ec433b144085d5097425303a510ea9'
[william@hactar ~/Pictures/Photo Library]$ git annex whereis 2009/05/05/P1040890.JPG
whereis 2009/05/05/P1040890.JPG (9 copies) 
        0e825a69-1927-4f62-b731-6f3e98bba998 -- william@marvin:/media/backup/annex/photos [marvin]
        1b728ab5-1e32-45a6-bc11-2a4bfdc9d6ab -- backup1
        5c0caa42-b489-467b-a612-9590fa9d5a94 -- backup2
        7691934f-2542-4103-9122-2db4e6cfc887 -- hactar [here]
        894b2216-72e0-40e1-8765-1386e1e9e4b4 -- backup3
        96f19fa8-d385-4e8b-b000-61ee15993a70 -- backup3
        a862b121-d794-4af4-bb56-21adfe8962f2 -- S3
        b083f8ae-42fb-41f0-a2a3-4e7c9f93aadb -- [guide]
        bf021ce9-465b-4419-86e7-bddfd208fca4 -- git@newzaphod:~/repositories/annex/photos.git [zaphod]

# End of transcript or log.

Have you had any luck using git-annex before? (Sometimes we get tired of reading bug reports all day and a lil' positive end note does wonders)

I trust Git Annex to keep hundreds of GB of data safe, and it has never failed me - despite my best efforts