Please describe the problem.

Some dependencies of git-annex don't have viable releases for ghc-9.2.2 (aws, bloomfilter).

cabal v2-build
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
[__0] trying: bloomfilter- (user goal)
[__1] trying: deepseq- (dependency of bloomfilter)
[__2] trying: bytestring- (dependency of
[__3] trying: base- (dependency of bloomfilter)
[__4] trying: git-annex-10.20220322 (user goal)
[__5] trying: uuid-1.3.15 (dependency of git-annex)
[__6] trying: time- (dependency of git-annex)
[__7] trying: aws-0.22 (dependency of git-annex)
[__8] next goal: aeson (dependency of git-annex)
[__8] rejecting: aeson- (conflict: aws => aeson>=0.6 && <1.6)
[__8] skipping: aeson-, aeson-, aeson- (has the same
characteristics that caused the previous version to fail: excluded by
constraint '>=0.6 && <1.6' from 'aws')

What steps will reproduce the problem?

cabal v2-build [--allow-newer]

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

I checked out HEAD as of b25bfecb1. Building it on OpenBSD with ghc-9.2.2.

Please provide any additional information below.

Building with --allow-newer first points at bloomfilter which is a known problem with a patch. The next problem is with aws and this appears to also be a known issue which also has a patch.

Have you had any luck using git-annex before?

Yes, very much so. It works great as an OpenBSD port when built with ghc-8.10.6.

Minor fix is required to git-annex

Once I apply this little fix to git-annex and the two patches referenced above, the code type-checks.

diff --git a/Types/Export.hs b/Types/Export.hs
index a5cb173e5..2d5419b91 100644
--- a/Types/Export.hs
+++ b/Types/Export.hs
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ import Git.FilePath
 import Utility.Split
 import Utility.FileSystemEncoding

-import Data.ByteString.Short as S
+import qualified Data.ByteString.Short as S
 import qualified System.FilePath.Posix as Posix
 import GHC.Generics
 import Control.DeepSeq

I also see all but one tests pass, but I'm pretty sure the same test used to fail with the older compiler:

    tasty self-check:                      OK
      +++ OK, passed 1 test.
  Repo Tests v8 locked
    Init Tests
      init:                                OK (0.77s)
      add:                                 OK (2.71s)
    rsync remote:                          FAIL (3.58s)
      able to modify annexed file's foo content
      Use -p '/rsync remote/' to rerun this test only.
    conflict resolution (adjusted branch): OK (16.26s)
    conversion annexed to git:             OK (3.32s)
    move (ssh remote):                     OK (6.11s)
    export_import:                         OK (13.23s)

1 out of 8 tests failed (46.00s)