This is a bug report about the "Starting at power on" section of the documentation in, which says:

If you install the Termux:Boot app, git-annex will automatically be automatically started when your Android device powers on. It will run in the background in whatever repositories you have set up in the webapp. (Or have listed in (or listed in ~/.config/git-annex/autostart)

This gives rise to several questions:

Will it really be automatically started without any additional configuration from the user? That's what the first sentence appears to claim, but it appears to contradict which suggests that manual configuration of ~/.termux/boot is required.

But if it's really true, exactly what git-annex command will be automatically started? Since running with no arguments simply outputs usage text.

Or if manual configuration of ~/.termux/boot is required, what exactly should that look like? Should it be git annex assistant --autostart, as per Autostart the assistant?

What's the format of the contents of ~/.config/git-annex/autostart?

Finally, the last sentence has unbalanced parentheses, and doesn't parse correctly.

done --Joey