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someone kinda could consider it a 'feature' but it complicates use of the output since then progressbar should jump down and some progressbar libraries do not "support" that

What steps will reproduce the problem?

initiate download, interrupt it, try to redownload it... I guess in some cases redownload doesn't start at the point where it was previously interrupted but somewhat before, or restarts altogether. But annex first reports in --json-progress the size of previously downloaded portion and then goes down. see below

so, my life would be easier, if annex did not report "unconfirmed initial progress" at all I guess

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?


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$> ls -l .git/annex/tmp; k=$(/bin/ls .git/annex/tmp | head -n 1); [ -z "$k" ] || git annex get --json --json-progress --key $k
total 3796
-rw------- 1 yoh yoh 3887104 Mar 24 17:06 MD5E-s4108657--e055fc250b37b313c0904f3687bbed1c
{"byte-progress":3887104,"action":{"command":"get","note":"from origin...","key":"MD5E-s4108657--e055fc250b37b313c0904f3687bbed1c","file":null},"total-size":4108657,"percent-progress":"94.61%"}
{"byte-progress":2068480,"action":{"command":"get","note":"from origin...","key":"MD5E-s4108657--e055fc250b37b313c0904f3687bbed1c","file":null},"total-size":4108657,"percent-progress":"50.34%"}