Please describe the problem.

cabal v2-install produces many lines like this in the build log:

/bin/sh: ./Build/mdwn2man: cannot execute - Permission denied

and the man pages don't get copied to ~/.cabal/store/....

My guess is that Cabal is losing the file mode during some tarring/untarring.

Here's a patch that fixes it. (It makes the #/usr/bin/env perl at the start of the file redundant; not sure if you want to delete it.)

diff --git a/Build/Mans.hs b/Build/Mans.hs
index 9fb29d4a3..672dcd71c 100644
--- a/Build/Mans.hs
+++ b/Build/Mans.hs
@@ -38,7 +38,8 @@ buildMans = do
        if (Just srcm > destm)
            then do
                r <- system $ unwords
-                   [ "./Build/mdwn2man"
+                   [ "perl"
+                                        , "Build/mdwn2man"
                    , progName src
                    , "1"
                    , src

(Related question: is the installation supposed to put the man pages anywhere other than ~/.cabal/store/ghc-XXX/git-annex-XXX? I.e. is it up to the user to either add that directory to MANPATH or copy them somewhere from there?)

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

OpenBSD current


git-annex master (commit 4e5a27841)

done --Joey