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chymera@silenthost /mnt/data/ni_data $ git annex direct
direct ofM.vta/20180730_070313_6592_1_1/8/pdata/1/reco ok
direct ofM.vta/20180730_070313_6592_1_1/8/pdata/1/visu_pars ok
direct ofM.vta/20180730_070313_6592_1_1/8/pulseprogram ok
direct ofM.vta/20180730_070313_6592_1_1/8/specpar ok
direct ofM.vta/20180730_070313_6592_1_1/8/ ok
error: git-annex died of signal 11
chymera@silenthost /mnt/data/ni_data $ git annex direct


I let it try to resume for a very long time (about a day) and it did nothing.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

6.20170818 on Gentoo Linux

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This is a fairly large repository which was only just cloned and with all data transferred (git clone and git annex get . worked fine).

closing per my comment --Joey