git annex add of an modified file when annex.largefiles is set matches largerthan against the size of the old key, not the current file size

mkdir /tmp/repo; 
cd /tmp/repo; 
git init; 
git annex init; 
git config annex.largefiles '(largerthan=5b)'
git add .gitattributes; 
git commit -m 'added .gitattri'; 
echo 123456 > file; 
git annex add file; 
git commit -m add1; 
#git config annex.largefiles '(largerthan=7b)'
git annex unlock file; 
echo 123 >| file
git annex add file

This test case adds the file to the annex, even though it's smaller than 5b, because the old key is 6b. If the line is uncommented, it gets added to git instead.

While the test case unlocks the file, deleting the annex link and writing a new file and adding that has the same behavior.

Using git add also has the same behavior.

I'm pretty sure the user expects the file to be added to git in all these situation. They configured annex.largefiles that way for a reason.

The root cause is that Limit.limitSize uses lookupFileKey.

It makes sense for that to look up the key and not look at the current file content when it's being used by a preferred content expression, or by --largerthan.

But, for matching largefiles, it needs to look at the actual file on disk, not an old key.

fixed --Joey