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Please describe the problem.

git-annex metadata does nothing on Windows if invoked while git-annex addurl is in progress on other files.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

On Windows (but not on Linux or macOS, where everything works fine):

  • Start git-annex addurl in batch mode
  • Feed it two or more URLs
  • After reading the completion message for a URL from addurl's stdout, but before reading the remaining output, run git-annex metadata in batch mode and try to set the metadata for the file that was just downloaded.
  • git-annex metadata will output an empty line (i.e., just CR LF), and if nothing further is fed to it, it will exit successfully without printing anything else on stdout or stderr.
  • Querying the file's metadata normally after git-annex addurl exits will show that no metadata was set for the file.

The Python script at https://github.com/jwodder/git-annex-bug-20221024/blob/master/mvce.py (Python 3.8+ required) will run the above steps and show the output from git-annex metadata. A sample run under GitHub Actions can be seen at https://github.com/jwodder/git-annex-bug-20221024/actions/runs/3322463020/jobs/5491516209; note the following section of the output under "Run script":

16:04:04 [DEBUG   ] __main__: Opening pipe to: git-annex metadata --batch --json --json-error-messages
16:04:04 [DEBUG   ] __main__: Input to metadata: b'{"file": "programming/gameboy.pdf", "fields": {"title": ["GameBoy Programming Manual"]}}\n'
16:04:04 [DEBUG   ] __main__: r.returncode=0
16:04:04 [DEBUG   ] __main__: r.stdout=b'\r\n'
16:04:04 [DEBUG   ] __main__: r.stderr=b''

This problem does not always occur, but it seems to occur most of the time. Using git-annex registerurl in place of git-annex metadata works fine.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

git-annex 10.20221003, provided by datalad/git-annex, on Microsoft Windows Server 2022

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This affects a hobby project of mine – "gamdam", implemented in Python and Rust — that interacts with git-annex.

fixed, see my comments --Joey