I have often used a terminal window and prefixed my input with "git-annex addurl" then drag links to the window for pasting. Often, I have to press the up-arrow and run the command again. The addurl behavior with urls that are already locally present, quvi responds "ok." However, when repeating a command using yt-dl, when the url is already local, yt-dl refuses to overwrite, yet returns "failed." I didn't know if you were aware of this. This isn't a show-stopper, but just something I noticed. I generally do "addurl" manually.

I tried this, and it's not youtube-dl failing; but it re-downloads the whole content of the already present file, and then git-annex fails:

whatever.mp4 already exists; not overwriting

So I think it needs to ask youtube-dl for the filename first, and check if the local file already exists and already has the url, to get back to the old behavior. -- Joey

fixed --Joey