In some occasions annex.adjustedbranchrefresh is ignored when git annex sync is run in a branch created with adjust --unlock-present.

If annex.adjustedbranchrefresh is set to 1, one would expect git-annex to automatically adjust the branch once a file has been git annex add-ed or the repository is git annex sync-ed. However this does not happen and a manual git annex adjust --unlock-present is required.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how annex.adjustedbranchrefresh is supposed to work?

It is a bug --Joey

The following script reproduces this bug.


set -eux

rm -Rvf /tmp/an-repo.git && mkdir /tmp/an-repo.git && cd /tmp/an-repo.git
git init --bare
n=$(date +%s) ; mkdir /tmp/ga-$n && cd /tmp/ga-$n
git clone --no-local --no-hardlinks /tmp/an-repo.git
cd an-repo/

git config "" ; git config "Name Name"
git config annex.thin true
git config annex.adjustedbranchrefresh 1
git config remote.origin.annex-ignore true

# 8.20201117 is the version in the standalone tarball of 8.20201127
~/Applications/git-annex/8.20201117-ga314537cd/runshell bash -c '
git annex init foobar

echo "aaaa" > a && echo "bbbb" > b
git annex add a b
git annex sync

git annex adjust --unlock-present
git annex sync

echo "cccc" > c && echo "dddd" > d
git annex add c d

echo "## before sync"
stat -c "%n: %F" a b c d

git annex sync
echo "## after sync"
stat -c "%n: %F" a b c d # should show four regular files, but shows two files and two symlinks

git annex sync --content;
echo "## after sync --content"
stat -c "%n: %F" a b c d # ibid

fixed --Joey