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Impossible installation on Android 4.3

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

The lastest version of git-annex, and Android 4.3, without sdcard (Wiko Wax)

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The message given by git-annex:

Falling back to hardcoded app location; cannot find expected files in /data/app-lib 
mkdir: can't create directory '/sdcard/git-annex.home': Permission denied
mkdir of /sdcard/git-annex.home failed !
lib/ line 133: can't create /sdcard/git-annex.home/git-annex-install.log: Permission denied 
Installation failed ! Please report a but and attach /sdcard/git-annex.home/git-annex-install.log

Closing as this was a bug in the deprecated Android app. done --Joey