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Cannot copy content to the remote whenever its url is http and pushurl is ssh

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?


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Having a remote which has Read-only http url but ssh pushurl:

$> cat .git/config 
    repositoryformatversion = 0
    filemode = true
    bare = false
    logallrefupdates = true
    uuid = 1c81ccbf-e814-44cb-b2a4-3aef93d159e4
    version = 5
    backends = MD5E
[remote "target1"]
    url = http://localhost:8082/demoannex/.git
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/target1/*
    pushurl = localhost:/home/yoh/.tmp/tmp.uCP6SjbQYt/public_html/demoannex
    annex-ignore = false
    annex-bare = false
    annex-uuid = d3720112-3b83-450d-a30e-cda370bf5a13
    push = master
    push = git-annex

copy seems to try to push via http url, not succeeding. Interestingly, without --fast option, it doesn't even give a meaningful error message -- just says that it fails to find the file at the remote end (here are both calls outputs):

$> git annex copy --to target1 --debug --json --fast
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.433515455] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","show-ref","git-annex"]
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.43918477] process done ExitSuccess
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.43929589] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","show-ref","--hash","refs/heads/git-annex"]
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.443217439] process done ExitSuccess
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.444030163] chat: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","cat-file","--batch"]
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.444468521] chat: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","cat-file","--batch-check=%(objectname) %(objecttype) %(objectsize)"]
[2017-02-03 09:58:09.449625506] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","ls-files","--cached","-z","--"]
  copying to non-ssh repo not supported
  copying to non-ssh repo not supported
  This could have failed because --fast is enabled.
{"command":"copy","note":"to target1...","success":false,"key":"MD5E-s0--d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e","file":"probe"}
git-annex: copy: 1 failed

$> git annex copy --to target1 --debug --json
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.713147198] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","show-ref","git-annex"]
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.717451798] process done ExitSuccess
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.717690883] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","show-ref","--hash","refs/heads/git-annex"]
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.721647463] process done ExitSuccess
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.72243661] chat: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","cat-file","--batch"]
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.722822231] chat: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","cat-file","--batch-check=%(objectname) %(objecttype) %(objectsize)"]
[2017-02-03 09:57:51.726838506] read: git ["--git-dir=.git","--work-tree=.","--literal-pathspecs","ls-files","--cached","-z","--"]
{"command":"copy","note":"not found","success":false,"key":"MD5E-s0--d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e","file":"probe"}
git-annex: copy: 1 failed

So far we found the way to rectify it by providing value of pushurl as a remote..url value for that git annex call. But it would be more "kosher" if git annex itself respected pushurl in such cases.

Have you had any luck using git-annex before? (Sometimes we get tired of reading bug reports all day and a lil' positive end note does wonders)


done because there is already an annexUrl config to meet this need. --Joey