It looks like the latest version of git-annex currently published on Hackage has a dependency on feed package without an upper bound specified.

FYI, as per, a new version of feed will be released soon, incorporating non-backwards compatible changes to feed interface (String was replaced with Text throughout and xml-types types were adopted). Changes are largely mechanical but you'll probably want to ensure that future version of git-annex can build with newer feed.

To prevent breakage for users, you may want to release a new version of git-annex with an upper bound specified now, then push a version compatible with feed-1.0 after that comes out later.

Use the tip of the PR to test your package against: . With Stack, you just need to put the following in the packages section of your stack.yaml:

    - location:
        commit: 259bab0dd16853656ce1d2a005c4009d4747edc1
      extra-dep: true

Please report any feedback / issues to the aforementioned PR thread or here if that works for you.

-- Dmitry Dzhus

fixed --Joey