Please describe the problem.

Install recent lineageOS Android on Samsung Galaxy S devices (tested with SGS4, SGS5, SGS9) fails due to incorrect arch string test in 'git-annex-install'.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Try to install git-annex, Android version.

What version of git-annex are you using? On what operating system?

Recent git-annex-install pulled with wget as detailed here:

Please provide any additional information below.

Patch below:

--- git-annex-install_org       2019-03-20 17:51:58.216525055 +0100
+++ git-annex-install   2019-03-20 17:52:06.224653964 +0100
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
-       armv71)
+       armv7l)

Have you had any luck using git-annex before? (Sometimes we get tired of reading bug reports all day and a lil' positive end note does wonders)

Sure, love it! :)

Lo1! Thanks for the patch. done --Joey