git annex move does not honor numcopies. It is the only git-annex command to not honor numcopies by default.

This can be surprising, and it complicates git-annex's story about attempting to preserve numcopies since there's this exception on the side.

Also, git annex move --to untrusted-repo drops the local copy even if the untrusted copy is the only remaining copy, which is another unique thing about move.

Should git annex move --safe become the default, and git annex move --unsafe be needed to get the current behavior?

(Note that the -u short option makes that easy enough to type for those of us who have workflows using the current behavior.)

Such a change would break workflows, and potentially quite a lot of examples in the documentation might need to be updated. Although with the default numcopies=1, the move behavior would not change (except when moving onto an untrusted repository, ), which will limit the imact some.

There could be a transition period where move warns when run w/o --safe/--unsafe.


done, using the "don't make it worse" approach. --Joey