I have a client, non-bare, direct mode repository on a USB key. I use this to work on my files on Windows terminals at work. When I return to my own (Debian) workstation at home, I mount the drive, cd /media/swhitton/SPWHITTON/annex && git annex sync --content. This sync the contents of the key with both my workstation's /home and a remote VPS over SSH. When the sync is complete, Thunar can't unmount the key because git annex leaves ssh connections to my VPS open, with the working directory inside /media/swhitton/SPWHITTON/annex. So I have to run pkill ssh. It would be great if git annex sync could detect that a non-bare repository is on removable media, and not leave SSH connections open when it's finished the sync. Thanks! --spwhitton