The changes to make git-annex test concurrent have broken using eg git-annex test -p 'concurrent get of dup key regression'

It looks like the repo setup test is not being run, even though it's supposed to be a dependency of the test it was limited to. --Joey

Oh, that seems to be a limitation of tasty. From its docs:

If Test B depends on Test A, remember that either of them may be 
filtered out using the --pattern option. Collecting the dependency
info happens after filtering. Therefore, if Test A is filtered out,
Test B will run unconditionally, and if Test B is filtered out,
it simply won't run.

This works: git-annex test -p '/concurrent get of dup key regression/ || /Init Tests/'

Ok, I was able to work around this by having git-annex test add the latter pattern automatically. done --Joey