Touching a locked file in a v6 repository follows the symlink and touches the object file. This makes inAnnex's sameInodeCache fail because the keys database has a different mtime cached, and so git annex unlock doesn't populate the file with content, but with a pointer file.

Also, git annex fsck complains no copies exist even though the symlink is pointing at a copy.

This seems another reason to not check sameInodeCache for locked content, along with --Joey

Note that after initial git annex add into a v6 repository, the keys database does not have an inode cached. But after an unlock followed by a lock, it does. So, here's a complete reproducer:

git annex init --version=6
date > file
git annex add file
git annex unlock file
git annex lock file
touch file
git annex unlock file
cat file

now fixed --Joey