The test suite's test_export_import fails on Windows. It seems that exporting a tree that contains annexed files somehow ends up exporting an empty tree.

The test is running in an adjusted unlocked branch. But it exports the master branch. The master branch indeed contains an empty tree.

The origin repo is also using an adjusted unlocked branch. Some changes have been committed there, but not synced back to the master branch.

On clone from that, git-annex sets up an adjusted unlocked branch, and it merges origin's adjusted unlocked branch in. So the annexed files are present in that branch, but still not in master.

This is not really a windows-specific problem. Only on windows or perhaps on a crippled FS does the test suite actually test opeation in an unlocked adjusted branch, because it enters that mode only on demand. Arguably the test suite should run all the tests separately on an adjusted branch, but that would add a lot of extra time to the test suite and very few tests are likely to behave any differently there.

On balance, I think that making the test case run a git-annex sync before exporting is good enough.

done --Joey