git-annex 10.20220222 released with these changes

  • annex.skipunknown now defaults to false, so commands like git annex get foo* will not silently skip over files/dirs that are not checked into git.
  • info: Allow using matching options in more situations. File matching options like --include will be rejected in situations where there is no filename to match against.
  • adb: Avoid find failing with "Argument list too long"
  • Fix git-annex forget propagation between repositories. (reversion introduced in version 7.20190122)
  • registerurl, unregisterurl: Improved output when reading from stdin to be more like other batch commands.
  • registerurl, unregisterurl: Added --json and --json-error-messages options.
  • Avoid git status taking a long time after git-annex unlock of many files.
  • Pass --no-textconv when running git diff internally.