git-annex 10.20220504 released with these changes

  • Ignore annex.numcopies set to 0 in gitattributes or git config, or by git-annex numcopies or by --numcopies, since that configuration would make git-annex easily lose data. Same for mincopies.
  • assistant: When annex.autocommit is set, notice commits that the user makes manually, and push them out to remotes promptly.
  • multicast: Support uftp 5.0 by switching from aes256-cbc to aes256-gcm.
  • Fix test failure on NFS when cleaning up gpg temp directory.
  • Fix a build failure with ghc 9.2.2. Thanks, gnezdo for the patch.
  • rsync 3.2.4 broke backwards-compatability by preventing exposing filenames to the shell. Made the rsync and gcrypt special remotes detect this and disable shellescape. Closes: #1010397
  • repair: Avoid treating refs/annex/last-index or other refs that are not commit objects as evidence of repository corruption.