git-annex 10.20220525 released with these changes

  • Special remotes with importtree=yes or exporttree=yes are once again treated as untrusted, since files stored in them can be deleted or modified at any time. (Fixes a reversion in 8.20201129)
  • Added support for "megabit" and related bandwidth units in annex.stalldetection and everywhere else that git-annex parses data units. Note that the short form is "Mbit" not "Mb" because that differs from "MB" only in case, and git-annex parses units case-insensitively.
  • Special remotes using exporttree=yes and/or importtree=yes now checksum content while it is being retrieved, instead of in a separate pass at the end.
  • fsck: Fix situations where the annex object file is stored in a directory structure other than where annex symlinks point to.
  • Deal with git's recent changes to fix CVE-2022-24765, which prevent using git in a repository owned by someone else.
  • Improve an error message displayed in that situation.
  • Prevent git-annex init incorrectly reinitializing the repository in that situation.
  • test: When limiting tests to run with -p, work around tasty limitation by automatically including dependent tests.