git-annex 10.20220624 released with these changes

  • init: Added --no-autoenable option.
  • info: Added --autoenable option.
  • initremote: Improve handling of type=git special remotes. The location value no longer needs to match the url of an existing git remote, and locations not using ssh:// will work now, including both paths and host:/path
  • Fix retrival of an empty file that is stored in a special remote with chunking enabled. (Fixes a reversion in 8.20201103)
  • move: Improve resuming a move that succeeded in transferring the content, but where dropping failed due to eg a network problem, in cases where numcopies checks prevented the resumed move from dropping the object from the source repository.
  • add, fix, lock, rekey: When several files were being processed, replacing an annex symlink of a file that was already processed with a new large file could sometimes cause that large file to be added to git. These races have been fixed.
  • add: Also fix a similar race that could cause a large file be added to git when a small file was modified or overwritten while it was being added.
  • add --batch: Fix handling of a file that is skipped due to being gitignored.