git-annex 10.20220724 released with these changes

  • filter-process: Fix a bug involving handling of empty files, that caused git to kill git-annex filter-process.
  • add: Fix reversion when adding an annex link that has been moved to another directory. (Introduced in version 10.20220624)
  • Added annex.alwayscompact setting which can be unset to speed up writes to the git-annex branch in some cases. See its documentation for important notes on when it's appropariate to use.
  • adb: Added configuration setting oldandroid=true to avoid using find -printf, which was first supported in Android around 2019-2020. This may need to be enabled for old android devices that used to work without it being set, since version 10.20220222 started using find -printf.
  • --backend is no longer a global option, and is only accepted by commands that actually need it.
  • Improve handling of parallelization with -J when copying content from/to a git remote that is a local path.
  • S3: Avoid writing or checking the uuid file in the S3 bucket when importtree=yes or exporttree=yes.
  • Fix a reversion that prevented --batch commands (and the assistant) from noticing data written to the journal by other commands.
  • Fix building with the Assistant build flag disabled but the Webapp build flag enabled.