git-annex 10.20230329 released with these changes

  • sync: Fix parsing of gcrypt::rsync:// urls that use a relative path.
  • Avoid failure to update adjusted branch --unlock-present after git-annex drop when annex.adjustedbranchrefresh=1
  • Avoid leaving repo with a detached head when there is a failure checking out an updated adjusted branch.
  • view: Support annex.maxextensionlength when generating filenames for the view branch.
  • Windows: Support urls like "file:///c:/path"
  • addurl, importfeed: Fix failure when annex.securehashesonly is set.
  • Copy with a reflink when exporting a tree to a directory special remote.
  • Fix bug that caused broken protocol to be used with external remotes that use exporttree=yes. In some cases this could result in the wrong content being exported to, or retrieved from the remote.
  • Support VERSION 2 in the external special remote protocol, which is identical to VERSION 1, but avoids external remote programs neededing to work around the above bug. External remote program that support exporttree=yes are recommended to be updated to send VERSION 2.