git-annex 6.20171214 released with these changes

  • Use youtube-dl rather than quvi to download media from web pages, since quvi is not being actively developed and youtube-dl supports many more sites.
  • addurl --relaxed got slower, since youtube-dl has to hit the network to check for embedded media. If you relied on --relaxed not hitting the network for speed reasons, using --relaxed --raw will get the old level of speed, but can't be used for urls with embedded videos.
  • importfeed now downloads things linked to by feeds, even when they are not media files.
  • Removed no longer needed dependency on yesod-default.
  • Allow exporttree remotes to be marked as dead.
  • initremote, enableremote: Really support gpg subkeys suffixed with an exclamation mark, which forces gpg to use a specific subkey. (Previous try had a bug.)
  • lookupkey: Support being given an absolute filename to a file within the current git repository.
  • A top-level .noannex file will prevent git-annex init from being used in a repository. This is useful for repositories that have a policy reason not to use git-annex. The content of the file will be displayed to the user who tries to run git-annex init.