git-annex 7.20181205 released with these changes

  • Make bittorrent special remote work w/o btshowmetainfo installed when it was build with torrentparser. Thanks, Robert Sch├╝tz
  • When running youtube-dl to get a filename, pass --no-playlist.
  • Fix build without concurrent-output.
  • init: When a crippled filesystem causes an adjusted unlocked branch to be used, set repo version to 7, which it neglected to do before.
  • init: When on a crippled filesystem, and the git version is too old to use an adjusted unlocked branch, fall back to using direct mode.
  • info: When used with an exporttree remote, includes an "exportedtree" info, which is the tree last exported to the remote. During an export conflict, multiple values will be listed.
  • dropunused: When an unused object file has gotten modified, eg due to annex.thin being set, don't silently skip it, but display a warning and let --force drop it.
  • annex.cachecreds: New config to allow disabling of credentials caching for special remotes.