git-annex 7.20181211 released with these changes

  • S3: Improve diagnostics when a remote is configured with exporttree and versioning, but no S3 version id has been recorded for a key.
  • findref: Support file matching options: --include, --exclude, --want-get, --want-drop, --largerthan, --smallerthan, --accessedwithin
  • Commands supporting --branch now apply file matching options --include, --exclude, --want-get, --want-drop to filenames from the branch. Previously, combining --branch with those would fail to match anything.
  • add, import, findref: Support --time-limit.
  • Add --branch option to git-annex find and mildly deprecate findref in favor of it.
  • webdav: When initializing, avoid trying to make a directory at the top of the webdav server, which could never accomplish anything and failed on nextcloud servers. (Reversion introduced in version 6.20170925.)
  • Fix a case where upgrade to v7 caused git to think that unlocked files were modified.
  • Fix bug upgrading from direct mode to v7: when files in the repository were already committed as v7 unlocked files elsewhere, and the content was present in the direct mode repository, the annexed files got their full content checked into git.
  • Fix bug that caused v7 unlocked files in a direct mode repository to get locked when committing.