git-annex 7.20190626 released with these changes

  • get, move, copy, sync: When -J or has enabled concurrency, checksum verification uses a separate job pool than is used for downloads, to keep bandwidth saturated.
  • Other commands also run their cleanup phase using a separate job pool than their perform phase, which may make some of them somewhat faster when running concurrently as well.
  • When downloading an url and the destination file exists but is empty, avoid using http range to resume, since a range "bytes=0-" is an unusual edge case that it's best to avoid relying on working. This is known to fix a case where importfeed downloaded a partial feed from such a server.
  • importfeed: When there's a problem parsing the feed, --debug will output the feed content that was downloaded.
  • init: Fix a reversion in the last release that prevented automatically generating and setting a description for the repository.
  • add: Display progress meter when hashing files.
  • add: Support --json-progress option.
  • The Linux standalone arm build now works again on CPU versions below arm6. Thanks to Emanuele Olivetti, Ilias Tsitsimpis, Bernhard √úbelacker, and Adrian Bunk for fixing ghc in Debian (bug #928882).
  • OSX dmg: Put git-annex's version in the Info.plist file.