git-annex 7.20191017 released with these changes

  • initremote: Added --sameas option, allows for two special remotes that access the same data store.
  • Note that due to complications of the sameas feature, any external special remotes that try to send SETSTATE or GETSTATE during INITREMOTE or EXPORTSUPPORTED will now get back an ERROR. That would be a very hackish thing for an external special remote to do, needing some kind of hard-coded key value to be used, so probably nothing will be affected.
  • forget --drop-dead: Remove several classes of git-annex log files when they become empty, further reducing the size of the git-annex branch.
  • OSX: Deal with symbolic link problem that caused git to not be included in the git-annex.dmg.
  • Fix build with persistent-2.10.