News for git-annex 7.20191024:

When annex.largefiles is not configured, git add and git commit -a add files to git, not to the annex. If you have gotten used to git add adding all files to the annex, you can get that behavior back by running: git config annex.largefiles anything

git-annex 7.20191024 released with these changes

  • Changed git add/git commit -a default behavior back to what it was before v7; they add file contents to git, not to the annex. (However, if a file was annexed before, they will still add it to the annex, to avoid footgun.)
  • Configuring annex.largefiles overrides that; once git-annex has been told which files are large git add/git commit -a will annex them.
  • Added annex.gitaddtoannex configuration. Setting it to false prevents git add from adding files to the annex even when annex.largefiles is configured. (Unless the file was annexed before.)
  • smudge: Made git add smarter about renamed annexed files. It can tell when an annexed file was renamed, and will add it to the annex, and not to git, unless annex.largefiles tells it to do otherwise.
  • init: Fix a failure when used in a submodule on a crippled filesystem.
  • sync: Fix crash when there are submodules and an adjusted branch is checked out.
  • enable-tor: Deal with pkexec changing to root's home directory when running a command.