git-annex 7.20191230 released with these changes

  • Optimised processing of many files, especially by commands like find and whereis that only report on the state of the repository. Commands like get also sped up in cases where they have to check a lot of files but only transfer a few files. Speedups range from 30-100%.
  • Added build dependency on the filepath-bytestring library.
  • Fixed an oversight that had always prevented annex.resolvemerge from being honored, when it was configured by git-annex config.
  • annex.largefiles can be configured by git-annex config, to more easily set a default that will also be used by clones, without needing to shoehorn the expression into the gitattributes file. The git config and gitattributes override that.
  • annex.addunlocked can be set to an expression with the same format used by annex.largefiles, when you want to default to unlocking some files but not others.
  • annex.addunlocked can be configured by git-annex config.
  • git-annex-config --set/--unset: No longer change the local git config setting, except for in the special case of annex.securehashesonly.
  • Improve file ordering behavior when one parameter is "." and other parameters are other directories.
  • smudge bugfix: When annex.largefiles=anything, files that were already stored in git, and have not been modified could sometimes be converted to being stored in the annex. Changes in 7.20191024 made this more of a problem. This case is now detected and prevented.