git-annex 8.20210630 released with these changes

  • Fixed bug that interrupting git-annex repair (or assistant) while it was fixing repository corruption would lose objects that were contained in pack files. Also the assistant might sometimes have crashed with the same result.
  • repair: Fix reversion in version 8.20200522 that prevented fetching missing objects from remotes.
  • sync: Partly work around github behavior that first branch to be pushed to a new repository is assumed to be the head branch, by not pushing synced/git-annex first.
  • Added annex.freezecontent-command and annex.thawcontent-command configs.
  • Improve display of errors when transfers fail.
  • Dropping an unused object with drop --unused or dropunused will mark it as dead, preventing fsck --all from complaining about it after it's been dropped from all repositories.
  • addurl, importfeed: Added --no-raw option that forces download with youtube-dl or a special remote. In particular this can avoid falling back to raw download when youtube-dl is blocked for some reason.