git-annex 8.20211011 released with these changes

  • Added annex.bwlimit and config to limit the bandwidth of transfers. It works for git remotes and many but not all special remotes.
  • Bug fix: Git configs such as annex.verify were incorrectly overriding per-remote git configs such as (Reversion in version 4.20130323)
  • borg: Significantly improved memory use when a borg repository contains many archives.
  • borg: Avoid trying to extract xattrs, ACLS, and bsdflags when retrieving from a borg repository.
  • Sped up git-annex smudge --clean by 25%.
  • Resume where it left off when copying a file to/from a local git remote was interrupted.
  • sync --content: Avoid a redundant checksum of a file that was incrementally verified, when used on NTFS and perhaps other filesystems.
  • reinject: Fix crash when reinjecting a file from outside the repository. (Reversion in version 8.20210621)
  • Avoid cursor jitter when updating progress display.