git-annex 8.20211117 released with these changes

  • filter-process: New command that can make git add/checkout faster when there are a lot of unlocked annexed files or non-annexed files, but that also makes git add of large annexed files slower. Use it by running: git config filter.annex.process 'git-annex filter-process'
  • Fix a typo in the name of youtube-dl (reversion introduced in version 8.20210903)
  • git-lfs: Fix interoperability with gitlab's implementation of the git-lfs protocol, which requests Content-Encoding chunked.
  • importfeed: Fix a crash when used in a non-unicode locale.
  • migrate: New --remove-size option.
  • uninit: Avoid error message when no commits have been made to the repository yet.
  • uninit: Avoid error message when there is no git-annex branch.
  • metadata --batch: Avoid crashing when a non-annexed file is input, instead output a blank line like other batch commands do.
  • metadata --batch --json: Reject input whose "fields" does not consist of arrays of strings. Such invalid input used to be silently ignored.