git-annex 8.20211231 released with these changes

  • Improved support for using git-annex in a read-only repository, git-annex branch information from remotes that cannot be merged into the git-annex branch will now not crash it, but will be merged in memory.
  • addurl, youtube-dl: When --check-raw prevents downloading an url, still continue with any downloads that come after it, rather than erroring out.
  • Fix locking problems when annex.pidlock is set and concurrency is enabled eg with -J.
  • Improve error message display when autoinit fails due to eg, a permissions problem.
  • export: Avoid unncessarily re-exporting non-annexed files that were already exported.
  • Improve git command queue flushing so that eg, addurl of several large files that take time to download will update the index for each file, rather than deferring the index updates to the end.
  • sync: Better error message when unable to export to a remote because is configured to a ref that does not exist.
  • Fix build with ghc 9.0.1
  • Fix build with old versions of feed library.