"Downloading unverified content from (non-encrypted) external special remotes is prevented, because they could follow http redirects to web servers on localhost or on a private network, or in some cases to a file:/// url" -- it's be good if an exception to this could be configured for a given type of external special remote, and/or for specific special remotes. Sometimes I know that a given external special remote doesn't do redirects, or that a given special remote repository won't have bad URLs. Remembering to do git -c annex.security.allow-unverified-downloads=ACKTHPPT annex get myfile every time is another thing to think about, when the whole point of git-annex is to not have to think about where things are :) While configuring annex.security.allow-unverified-downloads=ACKTHPPT permanently opens security holes.

done --Joey